My Story

The story of how Sunday Baker came to be can be found here.  It's quite long and very personal, but I felt I had to pour my heart out to truly explain what I'm all about.

My name is Tanya and I'm 34. I'm married to Rich, a very handsome hubby, and have 3 sons. Colin passed away (story link above). You'll hear a lot about Sam and Henry here. Sam is 14 and Henry is a toddler. Big age gap there!


I work, except for summers, and life can be pretty crazy sometimes. I post here daily to help keep me sane and centered.
While the name, Sunday Baker, implies that this is a baking blog, you'll soon see it's so much more than that. See, I could never JUST write about food. My passions lie deeper than that and I need to share them all!

  • Topics you will see here:
  • Healthy recipes (along with occasional high calorie desserts!)
  • home decorating projects on the cheap
  • toddler/teen topics
  • gardening
  • fitness/weight loss
  • fashion and beauty
  • my personal thoughts on being a woman, wife and mother
  • occasional giveaway
  • crafts
 I'm soooo glad you're here to join me! I love to hear from anyone who enjoys (or even if you don't) Sunday Baker, so shoot me an email anytime at

I try to answer comments, but if I don't because of my crazy busy life, please know that I truly enjoy reading each one.

Thank you for being a part of my life too!