Alien Spaceships (Kid Craft)

My summer, so far, has been a whirlwind! We've been camping a lot and I also just had a huge yard sale that I had less than a week to put together. I usually have one every year and they are SO MUCH WORK! I'm glad we did though, because we made a good amount of $$ from it and in the process I decluttered my house which always feels really good.
I also watch 2 girls in our home part time during the week. We do a weekly theme and the other week our theme was "space and sky". We made these super adorable alien space crafts. Aren't they the cutest? They are fun too!
Alien Spaceships
You'll Need:
2 large paper plates
the bottom of a clear pop bottle
hot glue
small craft sticks
small circle aluminum foil
Put the plates together, serving sides facing each other, and with a knife make a matching slit in the center of each plate. The "alien" will later go in the slit. Give the kids the plates to decorate. Do-a-dots work nice for spaceship lights.

Staple together the plates, wrong-side up, all the way around.
Cut a circle from the aluminum foil to place around the center of the plates and glue it to the plate. Carefully hot glue the pop bottle bottom to the aluminum foil. It will melt the plastic a bit, but not bad. It dries fast! Draw a little face on your alien guy and insert him into the pop bottom from the bottom of the plates. The kids can use the bottom of the craft stick to hold onto the spaceship and fly it around. Fun!

Our snack was "moon" crackers and star fruit.

 Hope you all are having fantastic summers as well!

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redf said...

These are great! I love Henry's expression.