Week In Photos: Nature's Revelations

School's out. We've been hiding away camping and there, amongst pure and raw nature, I always find peace in my heart and the revelation that events in life do not have to be large and grande and fancy to be completely fullfilling. 
Hearing the loon's mysterious cry to it's partner across the lake...watching an eagle soar over the water looking for it's next meal....seeing my sons run and play with their arms stretched out in the sunshine... all of these things quiet down that voice in my head that says, "You need to do more in your life, accomplish more, have more, get more!" Go go go go go! That is our life and our focus, sadly, while all around us is this absolutely magnificent earth filled with liveliness and splendor than any of that other "stuff".  As I sit and watch I can feel the stress exiting my body and I literally change inside.
Being out in the elements amongst nature's finest is not for everyone, but it should be. I highly recommend it!

Rich found this nest in our yard after a windy storm. The inner layer is made out of our dog Sophie's hair. How cool is that? I just feel bad for the poor birds that worked hard to make the nest and lost it.
If you haven't tried PB2 (no, I'm not paid to talk about it!), do so! It's peanuts pressed into powder, therefore removing the fatty oils, therefore WAY less cals and yet awesome taste! I've been putting it in and on my oatmeal and it has me hooked. Delicious and good for the waistline ladies!
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Kim @ Hungry Healthy Girl said...

Great photos! I love PB2 too!

Maureen said...

Great photos!
I have never heard of the PB2, in Canada, but it sounds awesome!