{More} Printer Art ~~Spring and Summer

I was going through my basement and found a bunch of old frames. I have quite a bit of empty space on my walls so decided to try out some more printer art. What's printer art? Well, it's art that is free and easy and can be changed at any time because it's virtually just a piece of printer paper taped into a frame.
I am really cheap when it comes to art because I tend to get tired of looking at it after awhile and therefore want to change it. If I paid a lot of money for it I feel guilty doing that. So , I usually make my own or print it off.
I found a great site full of free printables called Vintage Printable  and printed off some pretty botanical images as well as a cool vintage flower pattern. I think it turned out very spring-like and pretty and now I have a completely free piece of artwork for my entry area!

There are several other really wonderful sites out there with free printable images. I browse them for hours sometimes. Just print, measure, cut, and tape!
Summer break starts Friday....I'm really excited! I always post more in the summer months due to more time. This summer I plan on doing a really fun weekly post on interviews with people who inspire me, fitness and healthy recipes, kids crafts, beauty and more. Hope you'll join me!



The Hip Hostess said...

What a great idea! Instant art. Like you, I tend to get tired of things and like to change things up often. This is perfect. Thanks for sharing and the info on Vintage Printables.

Melissa from the Blue House said...

Ooh, what a great idea! I love cheap home decor because I always want to change stuff up too!

debio said...

I can't WAIT for Friday, and I can't wait for more Tanya posts! :)