Kitchen Recipe Board

While I love Pinterest (and here are my boards if you'd like to follow me), I get mildly annoyed every time I need a recipe and have to log in and find it on my boards. I also tend to just forget about most of the recipes I've pinned.

I really like just having an old fashioned, written recipe in front of me.

I made this real-life board of pins and pins of recipes I want to make, have made and like, or am inspired by.    I "pin" from magazines and old recipe cards from relatives, and especially love the hand-written cards.  I pin pictures that inspire me or make me smile in the kitchen, keep a magnet container with current coupons, and even my little store list. It's all in one place and right in the heart of my kitchen so I don't forget about those much-anticipated recipes.

I just love it and it's so easy and cheap.

The magnet board is from Ikea: Magnet Board for $12.99
Magnetic Spice Containers $4.99/3 pack


Michelle said...

Love, love, love this idea! I am on Pinterest also and I still have to print the recipes out to actually bring it into the kitchen and read it. I don't like having my laptop in the kitchen with me. Thanks for sharing!

Stephanie said...

My mom has those same recipe cards (the orange/tan ones in the center on the bottom) and we also live in Wisconsin, so I'm going to make myself happy and imagine that one of her cards somehow traveled up to you, even though that's completely wrong, I'm sure.

Marla said...

This is a great idea-love the board!
Am I missing something or are the challenges that were started for the new year over? I've been watching for updates but since I haven't seen anything I'm assuming I am on the wrong page?!

Tanya said...

Marla-I'm doing it exclusively at fb now, but this week is kind of an off week for me so not much going on with it!

Marla said...

Oh that's the problem. I don't have FB but I totally understand off weeks:)