{A Simple, Well-Loved Playroom}

When we bought this house, it had 4 nice sized bedrooms. The 4th bedroom was at the end of the hallway and away from the rest. It always seemed out of place to us. So years ago, we removed the doorway, added some french doors, and made it into a media/family room of sorts.  Then Henry came along, and along with a little boy, come more toys than I had ever planned on buying again!
We still use this space as a computer area for Sam (we took out the closet and put in a desk), but the rest of the room is now Henry's playroom. It's pretty much perfect for that because it has ugly wood wainscotting all around the room. I had thought about changing that, but then realized it was perfect for a little guy and his friends to bang against and not have to worry about it.
So I kept everything simple and love the space it turned into. I didn't add any fancy artwork, though that was my original intention. Instead, Henry's art hangs on the walls. I moved our kitchen chalkboard in there for a little personality as well. The furniture is all inexpensive or self-made.
But who cares if I like it. The most important thing is that Henry loves it :)
This corner of the room became the kitchen/market area. He loves making food in his microwave and serving it to us. The table and chair set is so light that he moves it all around the room to play. Just what I wanted.
This corner of the room houses his Reading Tent that we made awhile back. It's still a favorite for him and I'm so glad we have it. I like to throw his stuffed animals in there too, as I'm not a fan of them laying all around the house.


The curtains are sheer but still cute and fun, adding a little personality to the room.
One thing I've learned about kids is that if they have too many toys and choices, they really get overwhelmed and don't play with anything long enough to even appreciate it. I rotate Henry's toys a lot, and half of them are stashed away in the basement. I have an entire closet devoted to all of the building sets and craft supplies so those don't get thrown all over the house. He knows that he can only take from that closet if he asks first. More is not better, really!
Here's the list of items in this room and where to get them (and I can guarantee you it's all inexpensive!):
The shelves are very inexpensive shelving from a discount store years ago. I had them in my old pantry and they worked nice in the playroom because they are so neutral, and again old and ugly so they can be beat up and drilled on with playdrills and beat on with play hammers!

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