{Henry's 3rd Birthday- Dino Party!}

My baby turns 3 tomorrow. THREE! Wasn't is just yesterday that I announced on here we were pregnant? And now he is a blonde haired, walking, talking boy. Too fast, too fast.
We had a "kid" party to celebrate this weekend and the theme was DINOS! I have always just loved to throw kid parties. I could do this for a living! I think I might just enjoy it more than the kids.
Here are some pics from the party:


"Take-n-Toss" cups worked great for no spills

{Dinosaur "bones" made from pretzel sticks with a marshmallow on each end, then dipped in white chocolate.}
{fossil cookies (made with imprints of dinosaurs}


I painted this mural for a picture backdrop-the kids were so funny with it!
We played all kinds of fun dino games and it was just a wonderful time!


Phạm Minh Tâm said...

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Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness, you know how to throw a party! The treats, the decorations, the games, and everything look fantastic!

Anna said...

Tanya ~ Wow, Happy Birthday, Henry!!!! What a fantastic party you put on! I can see why the kids loved it :)
P.S. Your tree is wonderful! By the way, when do you sleep????

Anonymous said...

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Sam said...

I found your post from Pinterest...great ideas! What did you use to make the fossil imprints on the cookies?