{Keeping a Sick Boy Busy) & GO SAM!

Today I was home with Henry who developed croup in the middle of the night last night. He gets croup every year around this time, and always gets it bad. Bad to the point of panic in the middle of the night because he can't breathe. I have a sore throat and am not feeling the greatest either. Mix those with no sleep for either of us, and the result could be a not so fun day at home together!
However, despite sounding terrible, Henry has been in a decent mood. In between naps, I found things for him to do that would keep him from overdoing it, and keep his mind off the barky cough. The biggest hit of the day was the sensory bin.
I used a shallow tote and mixed in:
a variety of noodles
wild rice (harder and not as dusty as white)
brown rice
blue, red, and white cookie sprinkles
animal erasers
scoops, spoons, cups, etc.
He literally played with this for hours. He didn't even look up once. He dumped, poured, drove trucks through it, mixed, and once in awhile threw a handful up in the air. I put a rug under the bin to catch the mess. When he was done, I just put the cover on tight and will let him use it again.

We also made some fun spiderweb decorations (directions found here)
And....please cheer on my Sam, who is running the cross country varsity sectionals race tomorrow that will determine if he and his team will go to state.....GO SAM, GO EAGLES!
(they shaved their heads for the race)


debio said...

You are a resourceful mom!!

And I hope Sam rocked it out today!

debio said...
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Anonymous said...

Good Luck Sam! Run Hard and Fast! As we always said in High School, Suck Air and Sweat!

Jeannie-long time follower first time poster