{Autumn In The Woods}

I've mentioned my deep love for the autumn time of the year in the Northwoods of Wisconsin where we live. It is the most peaceful, tranquil time of year for me, because the weather and beauty do something to me that is like great therapy, or a day at a spa.
We visited this little covered bridge that's not too far from our home. Spending days with my 3 special guys makes me one happy lady! I didn't get many shots of the beautiful trees that have turned a rainbow of colors, but they are all around us.





RedRubies/fromTwoPeas said...

Beautiful pictures, would love to see that part of the country. Your family is beautiful too! :-)

debio said...

Good job on the photos, Tanya! Hard to take good pix when there is so much contrast between the light and the dark!
Love the covered bridge! ANd you all look fabulous! :)