8 Awesome Zucchini Recipes

Although my zucchini harvest this year has been one of the worst I can remember since we started gardening, it still remains one of my very favorite, versatile veggies I get from the garden. Every summer, around this time, the same question is asked over and over: "Do you have any great recipes to use up all this zucchini?"

So I decided to compile all of the recipes I've shared here over the years. I use these same recipes every single summer and continue to love them, and so does my family. Yum, yum, and more fresh garden goodness yum!

1. First up is the easiest zucchini recipe ever! Paired with fresh summer squash, this Parmesan Squash Bake is delicious and fast!

2.These Vegetarian Enchiladas feature zucchini in place of meat for the filling. Lighter on calories, but great on taste.

3. Change up your pizza and add a little green in this Chicken Zucchini Pizza

4.You don't even know this Chocolate Cake contains zucchini, but it sure makes it moist and awesome!

5. Zucchini and Brown Rice Casserole is a main summer meal at our house because we all LOVE it!

6. If you're looking for a garden-fresh appetizer to serve at a summer party, try these Tomato Zucchini Squares
7. My "go to" classic Zucchini Bread recipe that turns out every single time.


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