Closet Makeovers

I like to think I'm a very organized, put together woman. In some ways I really am, but you wouldn't believe that at all if you opened some of the closets in our house, and we have so many closets in this house that it's become an epidemic.

I'm not kidding either. The more hectic life becomes, the more I shove into the closets, pushing the doors shut with my entire body so everything won't fall out, at least until the next time someone opens the door.

There's just so much STUFF that doesn't have a place. STUFF. I've really come to despise STUFF.

So I attacked the closets with full force and it was not an easy job. It took me half a day just to go through 2 of them. I threw out bags of items I found in them, and found things I didn't even know we had.

And when I was finished, I felt liberated and proud. Because of a clean closet. Who would've thunk it?

This is our hall closet we use for hanging coats and scarves. Are you ready for the before? I'm not sure I want you to see....


Yikes, and that is just one of many! So first I cleaned it out and got rid of half of what was in there. The rest went into storage in the basement.

And because I'm sort of on a contact paper kick, I decided to line the closet with it to make me want to keep it organized. If it looks pretty, I take better care of it.

The contact paper was $2.50/per roll and I used almost 4 rolls. I put in some baskets for organizing and bought nice, white hangers (it looks much better when the hangers match).


Jennifer said...

Gorgeous!! I would have never thought to make the closet pretty inside too! I love how you even put the contact paper on the pole!

one of nettie's girls said...

I love it! I also love how your ideas are always affordable! Great closet!

scrappymo! said...

Gorgeous. I love when things match!

countrycharisma said...

What a difference!! Love that print, and it looks so nice with matching it. I am doing closets too, and wanting to "destuff" as well. It REALLY is liberating to let the stuff go!

Just Margaret said...

Oh--how beautiful that looks. The inside of my hall closet is hideous, with scuff marks on the walls and this is the perfect way to snazz it up and hopefully get the whole family in on the "let's keep it neat" kick I'm on. Girl, you are totally inspiring me--thank you!

shirley said...

That's beautiful and very inspirational. I think I now have another project to put on my to-do list. LOL