Playroom Canvas Reading Tent

A couple of days a week this summer, I'm watching two really sweet girls who were also students in the classroom I worked in this year. Henry just loves having playmates all day long, and honestly I am super excited about it as well.

I love doing crafts and games and just watching kids have fun! I wanted to have an area in Henry's playroom for the kids to relax and pretend. We found simple plans for this great A-frame play tent here. Rich put ours together in about 2 hours. We did it a bit different from the original plans. We didn't use tab-top curtains partly because I couldn't find any I liked. Instead we used this canvas drop cloth that was $20 and works perfect. I like the neutral look of it.

As for the rest of the materials needed:

5, 1x2x6 Select Pine Boards
1, 1x3x6 Select Pine Board
2, 8mm hex head bolts - 50mm long
4, 8mm hex head bolts - 60mm long
6, 8mm hex nuts
Staples (for fabric)
lights (optional)

I strung lights across the top and back of the tent, and we added an extra panel of canvas to the back also.

Rich folded and stapled the fabric to the wood, leaving it a bit loose for moving room.

I have dark, lined draperies in the playroom, that when shut, make the room almost completely dark. The kids had fun pretending they were camping at night.

Every night before bed, Henry runs into the tent and we read books. Sometimes I play storm sounds on the ipad. So fun!


Tina Butler said...

Tanya this is so super cute. Awesome job and I bet Henry is loving it. I just pinned it to pinterest, because it's so stinkin adorable.

one of nettie's girls said...

Just about the cutest, most fun thing I have ever seen for a child's room. Shoot! I want one for MY room. Great job!!!!

debio said...

Tanya, that is just the coolest thing ever!!! Kids love tents, love reading, love the pretend in the dark... perfect!

Can I come and read in there? I won't make much noise! :) heehee

Melissa from the Blue House said...

What a fun idea! My kids would love this!

Anna said...

Hi Tanya,
This is really great!!!! The kids must love it and what a memory maker. You are such a fun, creative mom (with an awesome, helpful husband). Henry is so lucky!
Can't believe the photos of H. He has grown so much. What a beautiful child.
Will write soon. Found some foodie links that you will like:)
Have a super day!

Kim Bee said...

This is the cutest thing ever.

Tara said...

Thanks so much for this fabulous tutorial. We made one for our little girl over the weekend and it turned out great! I linked back to this post in my blog post about it today! Thanks again! Tara


Joanna Unbehau said...

Oh my goodness! I totally want one for my 6 year old

Joanna Unbehau said...

Oh my goodness! I totally want one for my 6 year old

Jessica said...

I am sooooo gonna take out the big boring bookshelf and put this in its olace. My two little ones will be overjoyed!!! Thanks for sharing!

Rachel said...

I have been looking to make a reading tent/den for my children's room for ages... this is by far the best i've found! Thank you for sharing x

Maria Holmes said...

Oh my goodness!! Thank you for sharing this! I've been wanting to make this for my little guy (also named Henry!!). The prices to buy one from a kids store is around $100...can you believe it? I cannot wait to make this for him!