Gardening With Fairies (aka Miniature Gardening)

Knowing I would have 2 girly girls here this summer, in my house full of boys and boy stuff, got me pretty pepped up. Having a small group of kids to do fun crafty stuff is so much fun!

Then I went over to a really really awesome greenhouse nearby and they had this new thing called Miniature Gardening. They had this large display that was so magical. It was like a little fairy city full of miniature succulents and plants that looked amazing!

I knew I had to do this with the kids, but then I saw the price tag....EXPENSIVE.

So, instead I bought a few of their miniature plants, which didn't break the budget, and did all the accessories myself, and with the kids.

The gardens are magical and the kids love them! I told them that if they make their gardens pretty enough, that a fairy will come to live in it. While they are gone this weekend, a little fairy figurine landed in each one (dinosaurs for Henry...).

I highly recommend this project for young and old, because it was just as much fun for me and I'm really enjoying finding accessories and plants to go in the gardens!
The Plants:
(there is a large variety to chose from in the miniature gardening section of the greenhouse. Some of these were meant for miniature gardening, and some are herbs or other small, delicate flowering plants that I chose instead for cost):

(these were really over-priced at the greenhouse. I made the wooden chairs with sticks and a hot glue gun. I bought the fairies at walmart (Tinkerbell) and painted them to look pretty. Many of the other items were bought at discount stores for a dollar or two).
 Inexpensive container with a larger opening. Drill a hole or two in the bottom for drainage, and add a layer of stones before adding a good potting soil.

Putting it all together
 This is where imagination comes  in, and where the kids can create and play! Lay everything out on top of the soil before planting the plants and starting your walkways.

Make a pathway through the middle or..

 We painted rocks and added "fairy dust" to entice the fairies to live in our gardens..

There's still room to add more fun things to the gardens. You can add cottages and arbors and all kinds of things, and there's an entire collection of (overpriced) fairies available if you really want to get into it!


Melissa from the Blue House said...

This looks like SO MUCH FUN! My girls would LOVE To do this. May have to borrow your idea... :)

Sheri Fresonke Harper said...

Fun idea, thanks for all the helpful tips and photos!

Anonymous said...

These are stinking adorable!! What a great idea...we may make one. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

The Magic Onions website is running a fairy garden competition at the moment. You should send your photos in.

Alicia said...

I love this!!! I've been seeing a lot of pictures of fairy gardens, but just hadn't thought about how to do it yet. Your post was great! I think we'll be doing this soon.

debio said...

TANYA! You amaze me girl. What an awesome thing to do with the kids, I love your chair that you made and hot glued! So cool! If you want to make a hypertufa planter ever, let me know, i need to make a few someday. They are easy and fun but messy.