A Better Serving Pantry (Before & After)

We finally have most of the new pantry done! We still have to paint the blonde trim white to match the rest, and we are going to put in a little recycling bin center underneath and install lighting.

Once again, the before:
The after:
It is sooooo much nicer and more user friendly. We painted it a neutral gray color and all of the trim white. We then put in new shelving on brackets which was inexpensive and took under an hour to do.  The wider and deeper shelves make a huge difference in finding things and keeping it organized.

Someone was visiting the other day and mentioned that they had way too much stuff to keep their pantry organized like this. I then showed her that I too had a lot of food items, but you can't really tell because it all is stored in containers. We are keeping the pantry open, with no door or curtain for now, so it was important to me to have it look tidy.

Little jars for things like bread ties

 dollar store metal shelf hangers for small packages like oatmeal and tuna. I take everything out of it's orginal box to save room.

 Snacks, nuts and dried fruit, and baking chocolate go in small, dollar-store plastic containers

 Aprons, doilies, tea towels, and cloth napkins

 Opened bags of chips, rice cakes, and other bagged items are sealed with painters or masking tape and hidden in one big basket.

 Potatoes and onions in bowls

 Love using blue painters tape to seal up opened packages. It comes right off and is reusable

 Plastic store bags kept in a basket on the side. I use a lot of these for many things like small garbage cans and dirty diapers!

Total cost: About $40 which was mostly for the shelving and brackets. We also painted, but we had the paint leftover from the hallway. I already had the storage containers.


Anonymous said...

Looks great!! I love the shelving system I have (the one with the vertical, wall-mounted, slotted supports that let you move the shelves when you want to reorganize for awesome new storage devices or products that won't quite fit on the 14" spaced shelves that I previously thought were perfect). After installing the shelving, I ran out of steam for organizing the rest. You're inspired me!

debio said...

That is an awesome pantry! WTG Tanya!

Melissa from the Blue House said...

LOVE organized pantries. I could spend a fortune at the container store!