Projects With my Zombie Brain

inspired by Henry's love for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Did you ever feel like a zombie without a working brain? Or do you ever look in the mirror, see yourself, and say, "Well, hello stranger?"

That would be me lately. May is probably one of the busiest months out of the year for me with the school year winding down and a million things to go with that.

Throughout the work week I actually show as much emotion as a rock. I work, come home, make dinner, clean up and get everything ready to do it again the next day. The days run into each other, events all morph into one because I don't have the time to sit and think about how they went.

Then Friday hits and I finally have a little time to sit down and think about my life and all it entailed for that week. It usually makes me a little sad because I realize I've been so busy that I don't remember much of what my boys did or if I even had the time to give my husband a hug.

Pinterest inspired

I know millions of us feel this way. One thing that always bothers me about this overly hectic life is that all of my creativity and passion for things I love to do gets sapped as well.

But, on the weekends nothing is planned, it starts to seep into my body again and I get passion for projects. My new project has been starting a playroom for Henry. I took out some old prints from frames and painted simple watercolors and put them in their place. So fun and Henry loves them!

We are also getting a lot done on our kitchen/livingroom project. I will get a new post up with a lot of finished "after" pictures very soon. I have so many fun projects planned for this summer and in less than 4 weeks we start summer break, so I will be posting a lot more, minus the zombie brain.


Anna said...

Hi Tanya,
I can see why Henry loves these w/c's... oh so charming! I'm glad that you are able to switch gears on the weekend and have some creative fun. I can imagine how the work week can be a zapper of energy, drive, creativity,..... you name it.
I bet you're counting the days till freedom and summer good times. I hope that the last couple weeks of work go fast.
Have a good week!

Emily said...

Beautiful! These are so sweet. I love your blog; your recipes are such a hit over here, thanks for sharing!
I saw that you're a Wisconsinite, good to know I'm not the only 'Sconnie blogger out there. :)