A Pantry Needs Love Too


I'm a little ashamed of this sad looking pantry. It really didn't function for us. Our house was built in 1963, and I'm guessing pantries were not a big thing back then, because ours didn't have one. What we do have, though, are a million closets. So we decided to convert a kitchen closet into a pantry.

This is what we had come up with. No one but myself would even go in it because it's dark and unorganized. So we finally made it over and I'll have the pictures up soon of a much more functional, organized (and better looking) pantry.  I really love the newer version!!

I have 3 days of work left next week and I'm off for the summer! I'm beyond excited to have 3 months to focus completely on my family and home.  I'll be blogging way more as well, with a LOT of pictures of healthy recipes, family, and home projects (those are never ending around here lately).

Memorial Day Weekend always screams "first weekend of summer" to me...enjoy yours!


debio said...

I can NOT wait to read more of your blog, girlie!! ROCK ON!

Tina @ Mommy's Kitchen said...

Tanya look how big little man has gotten. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

melanie said...

funny i reorganized my pantry today too. i'd gone on several stock up trips and neglected to put everything away. stubbing my toes on canned goods, i'd had enough. i finally put it all away. can't wait to see your finished project. such a feeling of accomplishment and goodness it brings!

<3 Melanie

Anonymous said...

I am having a custom pantry built right now. My kitchen is small and so I need the space to house my larger pans, baking utensils, platters, etc.. I would love to see your finished project so maybe I can make sure I am doing a practical pantry. Good luck. Looking forward to seeing the results. Blessings.

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