More Changes

The wood flooring (the bottom left from the sample above) is going in today! The kitchen is going to look beautiful. I'll be posting pictures later. The best part is that it'll all be done by the time I get home from work today.


debio said...

YAY!!! What an exciting day!

camie said...

We just bought a home with dark wood floors. Gorgeous but I feel like all I do is sweep because everything shows. My advice: get yourself a nice housekeeper this afternoon to go with those wood floors! Then sit back and enjoy. : )

Catherine said...

Dear Tanya, I just spent the last 90 minutes exploring and reading your blog. Although that is a a short period of time I think I learned enough to be able to say honestly I like you. I see you has a great mom with great priorities. I cried reading about Collin and laughed reading about He-He. Yours is a blog I will continue to follow for as long as you blog. Thank you for allowing me get to know you.

Tanya said...

Thanks Deb!

Camie-I already am seeing that...but I still love them!

Cat-thank you so very much! You are so kind and made my day. So glad you're here!

Anna said...

Hi Tanya,
How exciting! I love having wood in the kitchen. It looks nice and is easy to clean/sweep. Can't wait to see pictures:)
Have a great week!