Recipes That Trick Your Brain (and help you get fit!)

When I first started blogging, I was making recipes so full of fat and sugar they made Paula Deen sigh. Part of my love of baking and cooking, though, is watching people enjoy what I made. It really gives me a wonderful feeling inside to watch people eating my dishes and seeing that it made them happy!

As the years went on, though, and I started to get a bit older, all of that sugar and junk started to catch up with me. Physically I felt like crap. I looked thin-ish, but I didn't feel it in my clothes.  Think muffin top and a lot of jiggling going on! I knew that my old way of cooking and baking wasn't going to work for me any longer when I decided to stop putting junk like that in my body.

So my new passion became making over recipes that were healthier and had less calories BUT I wanted that same satisfaction factor to be there. That is a challenge.

And then I would read things like:

"I don't believe in healthifying desserts. A dessert is a dessert so leave it be!"

But I fully disagree. For something to be sweet and wonderful, it doesn't have to be terrible for you.  Nature has provided some wonderful options that are sweet and delicious-use them in your baking! It's unfair to tell yourself that if you want to be fit and healthy that you can't have that wonderful experience of eating delicious recipes ever again.

I received this email from Kristen this week that really made me smile.

 "I just have to say that your website has been a HUGE inspiration to me! I started a weight loss competition at work and came upon your recipes. I am in LOVE with the pumpkin cream cheese bread and the banana oat cookies. They are my secret! I eat the bread for breakfast and eat the banana oat cookies when I am hungry between meals. Perfect! I have lost 15 pounds in the past 2 months, and I credit your delicious recipes with keeping me happy and making me feel like I'm cheating a little bit - but not really! Thank you so much!!!"

WTG KRISTEN! I've received others that are similar in the past year that confirm what I'm thinking...

You can trick your brain into thinking that a healthy cookie is the same as that packaged piece of junk from the store! It makes you feel satisfied and happy but you don't get the bad benefits that usually come with eating sweets.

And eventually your body won't even want the bad version of the cookie anymore. Really!

As for me, I'm at a lower weight than I was before I had my 3 children and feel physically great! And like Kristen, I'm able to do this because of recipes like the ones below, which are my go-to healthified favorites!

If you're craving peanut butter cookies try PB White Chocolate Oat Balls or PB Slice Cookies

If you're craving chocolate try Chocolate Oat Chews or Chocolate Chip Cookie Balls or Cocoa Cookies


Melissa said...

Is there a recipe for the top photo? Looks like oatmeal with chocolate chips?

Tanya said...

Those are banana oatmeal chewies-the recipes in this post. Thanks for asking!

Patsyk said...

I love discovering recipes that taste decadent, but aren't really so bad for you! Keep doing what you are doing!

Jenni Hodges said...

I love your focus on healthy recipes! Since discovering your blog, I've made your pumpkin bread, cranberry bread, sunflower seed bread, roast turkey, brown rice, banana oatmeal cookies... and I know there are some I'm forgetting! Thanks so much for the great recipes - I look forward to seeing what you do next!

pharmacist said...

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