5 Things

Henry and I made a dino family together yesterday. He learned how to cut with his "baby" scissors and his "boob" stick. (and while you're looking at this picture help me decide on a new paint color for my living room area!)


All natural granola balls and home made egg mcmuffins last weekend. So good!

Our kitchen project. I'm now searching for the perfect dining set (I sold our other set and this is our make-shift replacement for now) and the flooring will be underway soon! I'm also looking for a small center island. I would LOVE it if anyone has some inspirational ideas :)

My new elliptical machine I got from an online garage sale for $75. I can't wait to start using it!


From the archives, I still love these Origami Napkin Bunnies for Easter!


Sheri said...

Haha, love your Henry's boob stick. Good luck finding an island and table. I am looking forward to seeing all of it come together.

Ron said...

At least two or three times we have been at stores and said "that would be perfect for Tanya's kitchen". You should tell Pam what you are looking for.

elizabeth seckman said...

I am the last person you want decorating advice from.
Did you post the recipe to the granola? It looks delicious. I love almonds.

Anonymous said...

From looking at the size of your kitchen, I would suggest you do the following before buying any island because our kitchen was about the same size (maybe even a little bigger), and we ended up not getting an island. Anyway, put two chairs, or boards, etc. in the space where you would put the island and spend a week walking around that. You might find you really don't want it, but maybe I just felt claustrophobic when I did that. I hope this works for you.

Melaina25 said...

OMG when did he turn into a little boy?!??!? He looks so grown up!