Kitchen Makeover, Ready To Go Again!


About 2 years ago we did some kitchen updates that were badly needed! We painted our horribly old stained cabinets white and added new, modern hardware. It made a huge difference!

from 2010 after updating

But after painting his heart out for the entire summer (it was a LOT of work!), Rich sort of hung up his paintbrush and I haven't been able to get him to budge since. Why don't I do it myself you ask? Well, honestly I'm really great at coming up with home reno ideas, but I'm pretty terrible at the handyman jobs. I have tried and it really wasn't pretty.

There's still quite a bit left to do to bring the rest of the kitchen/dining area up to par with the updated cabinets. Spring is approaching and it's time! I want my beautiful kitchen for the summer, since I'll be spending so much time there. Here are the things we'll be attempting to do (with a not-so-large budget):

New Flooring. Ours is really really HIDEOUS! You know peel and stick tiles...ya that. Here's some flooring inspiration:

This dark, modern hardwood would be a nice compliment to the light, airy look in the rest of the kitchen. I love dark hardwoods!

Another with the same look

I also like the other extreme-almost a white washed, bleached wood look

I'll be floor shopping soon and showing you my options-I hope some of you will help me decide!

Window Treatments. Right now I'm happy with having none. Our kitchen is so bright and full of natural light. However, Rich wants something on them and it's true that in the summer it gets too heated from the sun. So I've decided on simple, natural bamboo shades. They will still let the light in and not be a heavy treatment that will make the room look smaller.

Does anyone know a good place to order these?

A new table and chairs. I need to find a new table. We bought this one from Craigslist (with the chairs) for $100. It's much too big for our small dining space. I would like to find a table similar to one of those below and recover the existing chairs. I want to spend next to nothing on the new one, so I'll have to get creative!

Current Table-notice the hideous current floor!


Or dark?

Wall Treatment. We have a big, blank wall in the dining room that needs something. I've been wanting to put a white-washed plank wall up ever since I saw this one at The Lettered Cottage. I think Rich can pull this off! I then am thinking of putting a small desk area in for my bills and recipes.

Current dining wall

Inspiration wall

Flooring shopping begins this week. I've decided to steer away from the big-box stores like Menards and Lowes. We have tried shopping there for flooring in the past and left uninspired and I didn't feel like I had a lot of options.

Can any local readers recommend an area flooring store to me?


Melinda said...

Love the blog! We've been doing renovations/restorations to a Victorian and have had great luck finding a variety of lighting fixtures at www.lampsplus.com. Good luck with the rest of your home projects.

Anna said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with. I love the clean, classy look that you've been getting in your remodeling! Stores?? Oh, there must be tons in PF - jk.

Kathy O. said...

Great inspiration looks! I love your white cabinets and bright feel to your room. I could see that dark flooring fitting that nicely. What about puttting more upper cabinets on your empty wall space?


Jessica in Ohio said...

I really like dark hardwood flooring with the light, but that lighter colored wood is nice as well. We just put in an oak hardwood in our dining room and we are really happy with it. Looking forward to your future picture posts of your progress.

Anonymous said...

I loved dark floors until I had them. They show every speck of regular ol' dust/dirt (except dark pet fur and dark stains like printer cartridge ink ;o) If you got a smaller dark rug to "try out" dark floors, you'd get to see some of the effect, but you'd be amazed at how quickly just one day of dust/lint can show on a *hard* dark floor. A friend and I love the look of our new dark floors, but we were both surprised by how much maintenance there is (mostly due to our lighter colored pets losing just small amounts of their very short fur each day). If I were to do it again, I think I'd choose something with more variation in color.