Simple Craft: Book Page Lanterns

Today was such a rare Monday for me. Henry was under the weather all weekend and so I stayed home with him today. As the morning went on, it was clear to me that Momma TLC was working and he was feeling better.

Better yet, the sun lightly shined all day long and filled the house making it bright and cheerful. It really set our mood and filled us both with energy.  I rearranged half the house and did even more decluttering.

Then Henry and I read some books together, and one was about fireflies. It really made me yearn for summer. So I decided we needed to put some summer touches around his room to brighten the winter blahs.

For some reason paper lanterns came to mind. They remind me of a warm summer night. I strung them all around Henry's window and it made the room more cheerful! I also put out the bug jar quilt on his bed:

I'm sure you all remember making these as a kid, but just in case you don't here's how to do it. You can use bright colors, but I'm not really a bright color person so old book pages worked for me.

Start with a rectangular piece of paper. I just used an old, discolored book I knew I'd never read. Fold the rectangle in half length-wise:

Starting at the fold, make several even (12 or so) cuts 3/4 down the paper.

Open up the page and apply glue to one end. Meet this end to the other end to form the lantern.

Cut another strip and glue it on for a handle:

I just hung them on natural colored yarn. I put the ipad on and played an app with frogs chirping. It was really very wonderful.  Sounds silly, but the winters here are sooooo incredibly depressing!  We have weeks where the sun doesn't seem to shine.We need reminders that warmer weather is going to happen eventually.

New, healthy recipes coming very soon!

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