Henry's 2nd Birthday

**This post contains the F word multiple times!

I've always had great fun planning kid's birthday parties. I love to go with a theme and make it magical and fun!

I don't remember ever being busier than I am this year, however, and only had literally a day and half to plan and prepare for Henry's 2nd birthday celebration.

I didn't have time to travel 2 hours and shop for decorations (that's how far we have to go here in the Northwoods), so I made them all myself. I liked them so much better than the store-bought selections!

His theme was trains, since he loves them and anything with a motor and wheels. The day before his party started, he started to call trucks, well, "fucks".

So that day I posted about that on Facebook. I explained how Henry loves trucks and now yells out "big fuck!" and "dump fuck!" whenever we go somewhere and he sees a truck.

Well, it seems that just about everyone bought him a "truck" for his birthday the next day...

So there was a lot of "fucks" around my house and thank God there were so many people so the poor children who came to the party couldn't hear Henry yelling it out every time he opened a gift that was a truck!

As usual, I didn't get many good pictures since I was too busy with everything else.

"Two two" train

 Box car snack table with train tracks made out of electrical tape. Henry really liked that part!

 $10 train set from Ikea for a table centerpiece.  For treat bags I just used brown paper sacks with stickers. No need to spend a lot of money!

Henry conversing with guests
Henry blew out his candles like a champ and had fun eating frosting off the cake with a candle. Later this week I'll share an appetizer recipe that everyone really liked at the party!


one of nettie's girls said...

Love the decorations........especially the Two Two Train. Henry is a doll.

Cindy in NC said...

My son turned 4 this weekend! When he was Henry's age we went through the exact thing with the fucks. Nothing like being at Wal-Mart with a kid yelling that! Trains looked great!

debio said...

HAHAHAHA, you gotta love kids! Sounds like an awesome party and your decs are adorable!! Good job!

Millie said...

A fabulous job Tanya, so many great ideas here without having to spend a fortune. Looks like Henry had a great time.
Millie xx

lilrunner said...

such great ideas! I did a train b'day for my son's 2nd (now turning 3 in feb) and you have so many good ideas, wish I had as many !