Ghourd Gobblers (Craft)

Every year I buy a bowl full of those cute ghourds from the market for a little autumn decoration around the house. I ran across this craft from Martha that uses ghourds for turkey bodies. I really like to do a craft for each holiday, even if Sam is nearly a grown man and Henry can hardly tell what a craft is. We whipped out our own little turkey-ghourd family the other day.  Now they are sitting in the kitchen greeting us with their gobbles! 

Martha's version uses corn husks, but we just used regular old construction paper. We also just drew the heads and feathers freehand so each turkey would have it's own character.

I accordian-folded the feathers to make them look more realistic and we adhered them to the ghourds with masking tape.

Super simple and so cute!

A little reluctant, but still a participant :)

Mom and Dad gobbler are getting friendly.

This is "momma" gobbler. She is the only one who gets eyelashes.


Crafter's Delights said...

What a great idea!!

Hello there! My name is June said...

What a cute craft! I love it & my kids would have a ball doing this!