The Perfect Pot Roast


You may remember my distress as I told you how I just can't make a good pot roast. If you read the comments on that thread, many people offered me some great tips. Thank you for that.

Then, this last Saturday morning I happened upon Pioneer Woman's new Food Network show, and of course she was making a pot roast. I'll admit I haven't tried any of her recipes for a very long time because, to be honest, they are too high in calories.

But she really spoke to me when she explained that she too could never make a good pot roast until one day she realized that if it's turning out like shoe leather, it's probably because you didn't roast it long enough, NOT because you overcooked it.


Thank you, Ree Drummond, for fixing my biggest problem. I too would not cook mine long enough thinking if I kept it in the oven it would only get more tough and leathery! So... I followed her recipe, and wouldn' t you know..

staring back at me was the most beautiful, tender, pull-apart-with-a-fork, juicy chuck roast you ever saw!

I honestly did a little victory dance. When you are an almost 35 year old mother these things excite you. They really do.

So, for the perfect pot roast, I basically followed Ree's recipe (though I think she added wine to her stock and I didn't).

Perfect Pot Roast
1- 4 to 5 lb. beef chuck roast
3 c. beef broth
2 large onions, peeled and cut in half
handful of carrots (I used potatoes)
thyme and sage sprigs
salt and pepper to taste

1. Sear the onions in your casserole dish on all sides (I added about 1 T. of olive oil to the pan) until they are golden. Add in the carrots or potatoes and do the same. Remove from pan and set aside.

2. Rub the roast on all sides with salt and pepper. Sear the roast in the same pan on all sides, then removing from pan as well. Pour in the beef broth, stirring to mix it with the meat particles from the bottom of the pan.

3. Add the vegetables and beef back to the pan, vegetables on the bottom. Cover and bake at 250 degrees for about 4 hours.

Rich tasted this, after years of eating my beef-jerky textured version of pot roast and said, "Now that's a pot roast!"



Michele said...

I'm so glad that you posted this! I watched the episode too and have been craving pot roast for a while now. I never made it before. I agree that her recipes are too fattening. I am definitely going to try this one though and I am going to put some potatoes in I think.

Vanessa said...



Melanie said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Yummy happiness!

Denise said...

Thanks for the recipe. I made it this weekend and it was yummy. My husband loves it when I use your recipes....especially the puddles of yum. You make me look good. Again, thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

You can also put the roast in a crock pot for 10 hours on low and it will come out pull apart tender and yummy too.