Flags, Family, Food

Streets lined with people, tables filled with fresh fruit and festive foods, sunshine and drinks, fireworks in the sky...the celebration of Independence Day is certainly a special time each year here in the U.S.A.

We did all of the above things this weekend and it was so much fun! We had a cookout at our house with my Dad's side of the family after watching our little hometown parade. Sam marched in two parades this weekend for the first time. Being the sappy mother I am, I almost teared up watching him march by.

He looked so mature and serious. He looked like a handsome MAN in his marching uniform. What a cool thing to watch, as a mother, your son becoming a man. Amazing.

Henry really was mesmerized by his first parade.  He just watched in awe the entire time and didn't once try to leave his stroller.

We had some great food at the cookout. I ate WAY too much and it was worth every calorie. Good food always equals a good time!

My stepsister and her husband were home visiting with their daughter, Isabel, who is Henry's age. The two of them, well, they got along like a dog and a cat. They pretty much despised each other's presence. Henry was VERY territorial and wasn't very nice. Isabel held her ground! Still it really was a great time and the weather was so amazing!

"Where's my brother?"

There he is!

Fresh fruit is my favorite!
This dish was SO good. Recipe coming this week!

I always make twice-baked when we have a cookout. They're so easy and good!

My step-sister's daughter Isabel saying hi!

Henry: "What are you doing here?" Isabel: "Playing with YOUR toys, so there!"

He watches every move she makes, taking away any toy she touches.

He looks so innocent.

And did a lot of this.

Sam enjoyed a little wiffle ball.

A bucket of golf balls provide quite a bit of entertainment for a toddler.

especially when a pool is nearby!


What was the best thing you ate this weekend?


debio said...

Loved your post today, you have such a gorgeous family! :)
My best food this weekend was the steak and chicken kabobs with grilled veggies- onion, zucchini, yellow and red peppers and portabellas! Marinated and grilled with oil, vinegar and italian seasoning. Yum!
Oh and the rocking good chocolate chip cookies!! :)

Anna said...

Great shot of handsome Sam in the new band uniforms! Too cute.

Sonya said...

I made a large Pavlova and decorated it to look like the American flag :) that was the best thing I ate :) Wonderful pictures!!