Yesterday was not my kind of day. Sweltering hot, humidity that was at least 300%, and no air conditioning in our house. On top of that I couldn't run our fans because Henry wanted to knock them over and stick his fingers in them.

See that indoor temp? Well humidity and I do not mix. I don't really want to tell about this big flaw of mine, but when humidity happens, I turn into a very unlikable person. Crankier than heck. It's not fun to be around me.

It also meant no workout for the last 2 days which left me feeling doughy. Hot and doughy. Not a good combination when you're cranky.

But we made the best of it. At least someone found a way to cool off (he takes after his mother btw, and turns into devil child in the heat!)

Do you have a Kindle? It is one of my most favorite things EVER. Especially in the summer, on days such as this one. I download free books that I find at Books On The Knob . The free books are not always the most brilliantly written books, but they are just fine for quick summer reads. And if all else fails, I always have Pride and Prejudice.

Henry has discovered a new interest also. He calls it "hot dog", but it's actually Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He will only watch the beginning and end, when they dance and sing the "hotdog" song. He's not a big tv lover, but it gives me 5 minutes of quiet. 5 minutes is wonderful!

Well, hello hot dog!

There is no cooking going on in our house on a too-hot day. Great excuse for a grilled burger and corn on the cob (and paper plates!)


--Do you have a Kindle, Nook or other e-reader? If so, what have you downloaded lately?

--If you have a toddler, what is their favorite show to watch (if they watch tv)?

See you tomorrow!


Sonya said...

I think I must be the last person on earth who doesn't have a Kindle..lol I can't stand reading things,like a book on the internet. Im a big ol dinosaur and still write out my recipes,never print them and I love love love books..the feel of them,scouting out a new one to read..Im weird..lol Does it hurt your eyes at all when reading on it? I know people swear by those but it takes me forever to embrace new technology.

We get the high humidity here aswell and we have no air conditioning. We've got a ceiling fan and the only thing you can do is sit under it and not move...and eat plenty of popsicles and drink tons of water. We bought a new grill and I see myself using it every single day this summer. I hope you are able to get some relief!

Tanya said...

Sonya-I thought the very same thing! I love REAL books, but honestly the Kindle is so great. It never ever hurts my eyes-less than a book even. You can change the font size also. I still read real books too, but the convenience of downloading a book onto the Kindle in less than a minute is awesome!

The heat is gone for now-ya!

Anna said...

No Kindle for me. Wow, WI weather - from one extreme to the next! Enjoy the coolness.

Robin L Greenslade said...

I ADORE my Kindle!!!! I love being able to carry 3 bibles, a dictionary and 170+ other books with me where ever I go.

I'll admit to being a bit of a series romance junkie (Harlequin Romances) so you'll always find at least one of those on my home page.

And Sonya --- I felt like I never even wanted to check out an e-reader... but my daughter received one for her 18th birthday and 5 weeks later (after drooling over hers!) I received my Kindle for Christmas.

I still read printed material, but I much prefer my Kindle!

Kristina said...

I have a nook. It was a Valentine's gift from my husband. I'm the last of my friends to go to an e-reader. I was against them at first and I'll never give up my paper books, but I got to admit, it's fun to use and I adore being able to borrow from the library.

No toddler, but my 15 year old DS loves "Adventure Time" on Cartoon Network. :)

Sonya said...

Im thinking I need to rethink the Kindle :)