A Backyard Tour

We live in a nice neighborhood full of older folk at the edge of town. Our backyard is not fancy. But it's BIG.

And surrounded completely by huge, beautiful trees of all types:

They are everywhere you look, and I just love trees.

I am jealous of our neighbor's flowering apple tree too.

I love looking up and seeing this..

And the yard has a few really cool features. One of them is the custom-built treehouse that some amazing friends put together for Colin when he was alive. It was one of his dreams to have it.

I think we need to add a "Henry" to that sign..

Rich decided Henry was ready for a sandbox. So he took out my herb garden and put one in there. I was a little miffed until I saw how cute he made it. My herbs will have to find another home.

He even put in a little deck area. I'm thinking I can get a decent tan on his little deck while he throws sand on me.

Of course Henry's favorite part is the door. In. Out. In. Out. So much for my tan.

And we can't forget about Todd the rabbit.

Another neat feature is a big brother who makes it possible to dunk. Every yard should have one of those!

This is one of my favorite parts of our backyard. This beautiful corgi girl named Sophie.

Every yard also needs a mirror. I use this one often to look at myself. Drives Rich crazy.

Last but not least there's the farmer's tan. No yard is complete without it.

This is where we spend a majority of our summer. There's also soon going to be a large veggie garden.


--Do you have a large backyard? What is your favorite thing about it?

See you tomorrow!


Megane said...

WOW!! your backyard IS huge!! and it is beautiful!

-Megane @

stacief said...

Love your backyard. We have a nice sized one too and I love it! Sitting out in the backyard watching the boys play is so much fun!

Rebekah said...

would give my eye teeth for that backyard! gorgeous!!! ours is small and gross with something that's supposed to be grass on one half and rocks on the other.

Tanya said...

Thanks! We are lucky to have such a yard. It's a lot of mowing though!

Jenn said...

I love the dog! Corgis are my favorite!!!

Anna said...

Boy, has Sam grown! Nice yard pics :)

Sonya said...

I'm an American living in The Netherlands and what I miss most is a backyard. We have a concrete patio..although big for Dutch standards,it's very small for me.. a girl who grew up in Oregon on a large lot of land. I look at your yard and Im instantly taken back to what I had :)

If I had to pick one thing about..it's concrete,wich means a quick sweep every now and then and it's done. I have a big container garden and we had enough room to put it in a greenhouse..everyone thinks we are crazy for taking up half the space for a greenhouse but who cares :)

Loved your photos!

Tanya said...

Sonya-I would desperately miss the green yard, but it sounds like you're making the most of it!

Qwendykay said...

Love your big backyard!!! You inspired me to post pics of my newly finished backyard!!

I love my backyard!

Tanya said...

Thanks Qwendy-yours is great!!

JuLY '11 said...

I loved the sandbox. I'm sure girls could have fun in one too, but there's just something about little boys, shovels, digger cars and sand. I'll be sharing that blog post with my daughter (she has the grand-boys). We, too, have a big yard with lots of trees and there's just something magical about sitting out in the chairs after mowing or working in the garden that just brings us to a sense of nostalgia that nothing else can bring. Thanks for sharing your life with us!