Exercise Accessory

That may look like a face that is sweet and loving. Looking at his momma and giving her his nicest smile. Aw, how sweet.

But don't let Henry fool you.

This kid likes my attention. When it is diverted, he will let me know.

When I try to do my ab exercises on the livingroom floor he gives me that smile. It's not meant to be sweet. It's a warning sign that I'm about to be attacked by the little bugger.

And he laughs the entire time he does it. I try to use him as an added weight, to my benefit, but he starts jumping up and down on my stomach.

The little butt.

Doesn't he make working out look fun?

This was our dinner last night.  It is the healthier version of my absolute favorite stir-fry. This is the best stir-fry I've had. I just switched out the ham for boneless chicken breast and white rice for brown. I make this a lot. We all love it. Sam has even said it's his favorite meal.


--Are you vacationing this summer? If so where? (we don't have plans to but just might do some quick weekend getaways)

--What book are you reading?
 (I'm reading a book that I'll be reviewing for the Blogher book club very soon. It's good!)


Averie said...

adorable little man!!!!!

Getting Rid Of Period Cramps said...

These pics are so cute! Right now I am reading Have a New Kid By Friday by Dr. Kevin Lehman. A lot of great advice for raising children with discipline. I'm really enjoying it.

Qwendykay said...

Awww... he is so sweet!
Right now I'm reading "There's a slight chance I might be going to hell" by Laurie Notaro. It's a funny light read.

And we are going NOWHERE! I just want to stay home and enjoy my new pool and my finished house!

debio said...

I am reading "The 19th Wife" for our bookclub. I need to keep at it, I have a hard time getting a book in during the school year! It is good, quite riveting, very disturbing subject matter- if you know nothing about the old Mormon religion.

Tanya said...

Thanks everyone. I haven't read any of the mentioned books so I added them to my summer list! Deb, yours really intrigues me...

Lisa said...

I am reading Bossypants by TIna Fey. I am enjoying it. While funny there are also some great quotes about parenting.

We are only doing short trips this summer. We are on the west coast and will be going to Seattle and down the Oregon Coast.