Martha's Spice Labels

An essential part of everyday cooking is the source of the great flavor. That's where spices and herbs come in. Organizing them and keeping them that way has never really worked for me. What I did realize was that I was constantly using most of the same spices over and over and having to fish for them in my never-tidy spice cupboard.

So I found these cute little glass spice jars at a local discount store for $2.99 each. I love the cork toppers. I decided I would organize the barely-used spices in the cupboard and put the ones I use almost daily by my stovetop. Of course you can't do that unless it looks nice.

That's where my old friend Martha comes in (she's everyone's friend, don't fight it). I went to marthastewart.com and found these great (free) spice labels. I just printed them out on self-adhesive paper and stuck them on. I love how they look!

I used the extra labels on my other, less-used spices and to label other jars to create a neat, organized kitchen or pantry. Thanks Martha!

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Anna said...

Tanya, the jars and labels are really charming! Looks like a great way to get organized. You and Martha would really cringe at my messy spice cupboard:(

Anonymous said...

I pretty much adore everything you show on here Tanya. Keep it up!


Eric Barclay said...

Awesome idea- they look great

Tina at Mommy's Kitchen said...

Thank you Tanya. I went to Ikea this past weekend and bough almost the exact spice jars. On the way home I was thinking labels and I remembered your post. Can't wait to get the printer labels so I can do this.