Book Page Flowers (Tutorial)

Boy do I miss flowers. I miss them so much every winter, in fact, that when the first yellow dandelions pop up in our yard I actually sort of enjoy them. They are a color other than white, gray or dismal.

I love these fun little paper flowers that are sooo easy to make and cost nothing! They really create a whimsical and pretty accessory too. You can put them in a vase or wrap them on a package. And I love the look of printed book pages. Perfect!

To make the book page flowers you will need:
several pages from an old, unused book
glue gun

Rip off several pages from your book (that have print on both sides) and make sure they are stacked evenly. Cut the pages, all at once (so they are the same size) into even strips that are about 2" wide. Then cut tiny little strips 3/4 of the way into the paper all the way down, like this:

Roll the strip up, pretty tight, pinching the bottom as you go. It will look like this:

Tape the bottom tightly. Stick a pencil in the middle and pull open the sides to spread it out like a flower. Set this aside. Next you will repeat the same step with another cut strip, only this time when you roll it up, roll it not so tight. You want to leave an opening to slip the first rolled layer into:

Open this one up also. First the bottom of the first rolled layer into this layer's opening and secure tightly (you can add a dab of white glue):

If you want an even thicker flower, you can repeat this step yet again, with the 3rd layer having an even bigger hole. Spread out the layers to your liking. You can also trim some of the inner layers if you like that look. The underside will look like this:

Next, I hot glued some vintage buttons onto the centers. They really finish off the look! From there I hot glued the flowers into a small vase I purchased at Target. It looks great on my bookshelves!

These look really pretty when made with sheet music instead of book pages too! You can make them any size, trim them to your liking and get really creative with them. Lovely!

(P.S.--Watch the pages you use. The first flower I had made was soon chucked in the garbage when I realized it had a very obvious "F" bomb on it!)

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Disneypal said...

I love those - thanks for the tutorial.

Jannett said...

these are so cool..thanks for posting.. :o)

Anna said...

Very charming! Looks like a great project for both adults and kids. Might be cute made with the pages of colorfully illustrated children's books (ripped throw-away ones, of course) or comics. Lots of possibilities!

SpontaneousMom said...

These are so cute- I can't wait to make them!

Tara Tervort said...

Love these! So cute!

Jamie said...

Those are amazing. I'm your newest follower. I would love it if you linked your project up to my link party.
More The Merrier Monday.


Tiffany @ TheGraciouspantry.com said...

Those are the cutest craft project I've seen in a long time. I must try these with Mini Chef!

Anonymous said...

I love these... I am a librarian and they are going to be my new flower pens in my library...

Blue Velvet Chair said...

these are so adorable. Had to share with Blue Velvet Chair facebook fans. We love recycled!


Anonymous said...

I love this!

bookczuk said...

I'm late to the party but found your flowers today when searching for something to do with old books. If you're interested in seeing what happened here today, click on over to http://bookczuk.blogspot.com/2012/09/bummas-bouquet.html

Bumma was the name my son gave my my mom when he was 2. She passed away a few years ago, but still is a big part of our lives.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Tanya Payzant said...

These are such cute flowers, Tanya. Pinning this to make some! :)

Anonymous said...

thanks! great idea :)

Gillian said...

I loved your idea, thank you for the inspiration

Barb Marshall said...

I love all things paper so these were just screaming out at me with cuteness all of their own! awesome. I especially love the buttons as centers. Visiting from www.ritewhileucan.com where I tend to get excited about all things stationery and lost art of letter writing.

Kathleen said...

These are so cute! I would love you to link them up to our link party. The theme is Canvas, Sheet Music and Book Pages. This is perfect! Here is the link if you decide to do it. http://fearlesslycreativemammas.blogspot.com/2013/11/tip-tricks-linky-party-canvas-sheet.html

Kathleen @ Fearlessly Creative Mammas

ms Joyce said...

Love them. Adorable AND inexpensive. Thank you for sharing.