Ghosts.Leaves.Cookies (must be October)

Today I woke up to a crispy 28 degree morning and watched golden leaves fall from one of our front maple trees like rain falling from the sky. For over an hour the leaves cascaded down to the ground, leaving a giant pile of fresh leaves in the yard Rich had just mulched the night before. It was so beautiful, and I felt lucky to have trees in my yard that provide me with nature's miracles.

The day became even better when my cousin and her twin daughters arrived to spend the day baking with me. Food and family go hand-in-hand, afterall. First we made ghost shaped rice krispie treats (because I can't think of anyone who dislikes them):

First we mixed the super sticky treats per the directions (butter+marshmallows+cereal) and giggled as we tried to get them off the spoon into the ghost-shaped aluminum cups from Reynolds. We then realized we should be spraying them with no-stick spray. That did the trick!

Then we placed wax paper over the cups and pushed down the krispie treats flat into the cups to shape them. I love spending time with Jess and her girls. They are some of my favorite people on this Earth:

After cooling, we removed the ghosts from the cups and dipped them in melted white chocolate chips (with 2 t. of crisco added). We let the chocolate set, and added silly ghost faces. Rice Krispies + white chocolate = yummy!

Next we whipped up several dozen of delicious Pudding Cookies. We did a batch with Snickers, a batch with M&Ms, and a batch with chocolate chips. Oh so good.

At the end of the day, when we bid our farewells, I couldn't resist taking my boys outside and subjecting them to a million pictures in the leaf piles (before Rich mows them over again!). Man I love these boys:

The older I get (I'll be 34 this month-yikes!) the more I appreciate nature and all of the joy it gives me! Happy October!

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tamilyn said...

I bought those cups last year on clearance. I was going to make little ghost cakes, but I may need to rethink that!

redforever said...

What an absolutely beautiful picture of you with your boys.

Madison said...

Great pictures! I've nver thought of dipping rice krispies in chocolate... :)

Cherrie said...

Wonderful pictures! The girls are going to be after Sam soon if not already! Henry is so adorable, he favors you. I love fall and pictures of leaves, pumpkins. Enjoy the rest!

Raelynn said...

The pictures are so cute....you have such handsome little men. The RK treats look so good too...might have to make some soon!