Kid Craft: Mother's Day Purse Card

Here's a fun craft the Dads can do with their kids for Mom this Mother's Day. It's super easy and you only need a few craft supplies such as:

cardstock (or patterned paper)
markers/crayons/colored pencils
sequin stickers

Start with an 81/2 x 11 sheet of cardstock in your color choice. Fold it 2/3 up and crease:

Draw a purse shape onto the bottom fold of the card and the straps on the top; cut it out:

Cut out the upper part of the inside of the purse strap and fold it over like this:

Color and decorate however you choose. How cute would it be to put Mom's favorite purse designer's label somewhere on the card? Don't forget to write a message inside:


I guarantee you Mom will get a kick out of this cute card! We did these with some students at school and they just loved decorating them. Happy Mother's Day to all of you beautiful, fabulous mothers out there. Celebrate your day enjoying your family and blessings and remembering how lucky we are to be Moms!

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Mommy's Kitchen said...

How cute Tanya I love it. Enjoy your day with your beautiful boys.

Lisa said...

That is just adorable! My mom teaches 4th grade and her kids might be a bit "mature" for this, but I bet the Sunday School kiddos at church would like it!

Rebekah said...

these are too cute! i think I may do this with my kid's church class sunday!!
happy mother's day to you too!!!

A Refocused Life said...

How cute! My granddaughters will love this project. Thanks for sharing.

Happy Mother's Day!

Tanya said...

Thanks everyone. Happy Mother's Day to you all!

writing4612 said...

Such an awesome idea!

Millie said...

Happy Mother's Day to you dear Tanya. Enjoy your special day with your Darlings big & little.
Millie ^_^

send flowers pakistan said...

Nice blog.pictures are looking amazing..Happy mother day.

Andrea @ No Doubt Learning said...

This is an adorable idea. Thanks so much for sharing! I think I'll have my girls make onen for their grandma's birthday :)

Anonymous said...

I teach third grade. I think I might do this and gave the kids make "coupons"to go inside. Like free hug or free back rub or free sandwich made by me