Napkin Origami: Valentine's Heart

Here's another fun napkin fold that is perfect for your Valentine's Dinner to show your loved ones that you put in a bit "extra" for them on the special day! It's a very easy fold and kids would have fun doing it also. Those little touches always seem to go a long way:

First, you can use a paper or cloth napkin. Although cloth napkins are more elegant, this fold is actually easier with a paper napkin. I used a white cloth napkin in this tutorial. What I didn't show is that you should iron the napkin to be flat and smooth before folding. Start with your square napkin, then fold it in half from bottom to top:

Then fold it in half once more, bottom to top:

Next, bring the right side up to the middle crease; then do the same with the left:

It should look like this:

Next take the top inner corners of each side and fold down and under. To get it to stay, you can take you iron (I always lay a towel over my napkin while ironing to prevent scortch) and iron the creases to make a nice, neat fold that stays.

Next fold down the inner corners of the heart. Again, iron for best results:

It should look like a heart now:

Wasn't that easy? And for fun, you could tuck a fun little note inside the napkin for your loved ones to read before the meal:

I think it would be fun to leave this note for your significant other:

"Meet me in the bedroom after the dinner"

But you'd have to leave this note for your kids:

"You get to watch a movie with treats after dinner. In your bedroom, with the door shut."

To see more fun napkin folds, go here: Napkin Origami


The Fajdich Times said...

I like the napkin. Perfect for that special valentine dinner:)

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Tanya~ I love this idea and would like to include your link on my V-day post.

Sweet wishes,

Shelley said...

Cute! I am linking up to this today at HowDoesShe.com Thanks!

jeffsgal212 said...

Thank you for this fun tutorial, Tanya! I used it for a dinner party for our pastor's family - they were so impressed!