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We live in a 1960's ranch-style home. It has a closet in every single room of the house, built in dressers, but had nothing even close to a pantry space in it. I had to have a space for one, but the way our kitchen is set up, it was nearly impossible. So instead, we turned our hallway closet, which is right off of the kitchen, into one. While it's not large, it does the job for now. Someday I would love to redesign our kitchen and put in a walk-in pantry. Look at these wonderful pantries that have inspired me:

House Beautiful
This pantry is elegant and spacious. Perfect!

This pantry must belong to a large family. Maybe the Duggars? :)

Another option if you don't have pantry space. Put up some shelving and organize with various jars and containers. Country Chic!

This pull-out pantry wouldn't be my first choice, but is another great option if you lack space.

What a charming country walk-in pantry. I love the baskets and organized jars. I could plan some great dinners out of a pantry like this!

Here's a pantry you can tell is used on a daily basis. Organized and full to the brim.

I find real satisfaction in having my household organized (not that it always is!) Wh
ether it be the linen closet, pantry, dresser drawers, or even the dog's toys, I want everything to have a place. I believe that you not only get more done when things are well organized, but you'll be happier doing it. Clutter and chaos in your home create clutter and chaos in your head! All it takes is a little work and a few bucks after a trip to the dollar store. It seems like a minor thing, but family meals are an important part of the day. The pantry is where they start! Here are some great tips I've found to make organizing your pantry easy and attractive:

~Hang a wallboard somewhere in or near your pantry to keep track of items you need to purchase for the week. It can be a dry/erase, chalkboard, corkboard, etc. You can also put a coupon organizer near the list. Clip them as soon as you get them in the mail and have them ready to go.

~A pantry space should be kept cool and dry. You don't want it near a heat source or where the sun will beat on it.

~Have baskets or designated shelves to group together items (baking goods, cereals, soups, etc.) I have a drawer for sugary snacks and a drawer with healthy snacks. I keep all of the baking goods on my top shelf in airtight containers.

~Label! If anything, it'll help the rest of the family know where to put the goods when they are helping you unload the grocery bags. It looks nice too :)

~To keep bugs from getting in your goods, place bay leaves in various places throughout the pantry. Another great tip from Martha! If you have fruit flies, try an open container of white vinegar for a couple of days.

~Keep an empty basket in the pantry. The night before, set all of the ingredients for tomorrow's meal in the basket. If you have a recipe to go with it, put that in there also. When you get home from work, it's ready to go.

~Place small packets/containers in see through containers grouped together with a label

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**Just a note: Sometime this week my new blog design will be installed, so be on the lookout for some changes. Also, things might appear wonky for a day or two until I get it organized!


Linda said...

Looked in my pantry this week and cleaned it out a bit. Made a great white bean soup with that bag of Great Northerns that was in there. Also took out a yelow cake mix and made a NJ Coffee Cake that I found on a blog....I didn't copy whose it was...I can't believe I did that! But, it was as delicious as described and I am 2 items less in the pantry!

Meg said...

Great pantry tips! I would love to have a pull-out pantry!

Andrea said...

Love the idea....I need to take a picture of my pantry and get started!!

Mannie of MannieMandible said...

Oh great post, Tanya! I love the pantry pictures and all the tips! I've been waiting a few days to make my lists and picture my pantry because I had just gone shopping the day before I signed up, lol. Hopefully I can get up some pictures and my lists today! xox

tamilyn said...

I would love a walk in pantry also, but we would have to build on to get it. I have to make due with the cabinet with the pull out drawers. I love the idea of putting tomorrow's dinner ingredients in a basket-it is like hanging out your clothes for the next day!

Erin, Nick and Merrick said...

I wish I was this organized!
The basket ideas are great.....

Becca Watson said...

I would love to have a walk in pantry as well! I use to have one before we moved. Now all I have is a store bought cabinet in my laundry room serving as a pantry.. It does the job, but I miss my old pantry..

restyled home said...

Love your ideas! I don't have one in this house, but did in my other homes. I miss having one.

I am not sure if this counts as taking your pantry challenge, but here is a link to a post I did on setting up a pantry in your home:


I wish I could cook like you!!!!!!

FlipFlop Mom said...

I am getting off the computer NOW to go and do this!! LOL LOL... I actually have two.. one use to be a broom closet in my house right in my kitchen ( house built in 1914)... when this house was built.. it had a NICE walk in pantry... a previous owner pulled it out to make the kitchen bigger.. although I appreciate a bigger kitchen..I do wish the pantry was there....
Oh.. but my next house.... I will make sure it's one Martha Stewart can envy.. tee hee...

In my dining room I have a cupboard from a church that was built in the 1700's here in town.. ( pays to live in New England at times... *wink wink*) So that cabinet is tall and skinny.. and hold canned goods like a charm.. so I consider that my canned good pantry...

You gave GREAT tips.. and the photos are beautiful.. thanks for sharing!!!

Now I have to go and get ready to bake a cake with the neighbor kiddo... so I want to clean the pantry first and then bake!!!
Thanks for the inspiration!!
Guess I have to leave Rock Band alone for today!! LOL LOL

fooltheworld said...

I am fortunate to have not one but TWO pantries and one of them is a walk-in! This does not make up for the fact that the kitchen is about the same size as the pantries. :( I will try to get some photos up this evening as I got fed up with the whole mess of it all right before Christmas and organized it all!

Donna in VA said...

That's what I've been working on this past week. . . turning MY hall closet into kitchen storage. My kitchen is the size of a postage stamp, so my new closet is going to be a welcome addition. I'll post pictures as soon as I can get my PC at home to work properly. (It's got that dreaded Blue Screen of Death right now - curses)

The Blonde Duck said...

I'd heard of the vinegar, but never the bay leaves. Cool! I love open air pantries but hate the modern trend of flat shelves with plates, pots, etc. in the kitchen all exposed. Am I weird?

Anonymous said...

Those are great inpirational photos. It really put me in the mood to clean mine out and organize. Great tips!

Liz said...

Love these inspiration pics. We turned a really tall broom closet beside the fridge into a pantry, it saved us SO much room in the cabinets.

kingsqueen said...

Love the pantry shots. I would love to join the challenge, but I don't think I'm up to it! LOL
We have very very little cabinet space in our house. The one downside (plenty of closet space - none close to the kitchen though.)
We bought a stand-alone pantry from the Raw Wood furniture place. It does the job and if we ever did move to a house with a real pantry it's totally versatile as something else.

Maria said...

I wish I had a huge pantry...hopefully someday!

~*Liz*~ said...

Come check mine out!! I loaded pictures so everyone can see what a horrible mess it was and how clean and organized it is now!!

My Giveaway Site:

Kelly said...

Oh, the guilt! I want to join in, but classes are starting, we have the first birthday of the year tomorrow....okay, I took before shots, but refuse to post until I can provide after shots...oh, the pressure, the guilt, the stress! ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

ASY said...
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ASY said...

Love your Blog! I am going to do the pantry TODAY! Thanks!!!

Bunny said...

Yes you have me organizing my kitchen cabinets and making a resolution to be more organized. I actual love being organized, it's true, when things are topsy turvy in your house, that makes you topsy turvy too! Great advice Tanya!

KeriLaine said...

Great blog, Tanya! I found you while I was in the midst of organizing and cleaning my laundry room and pantry. I found myself stuck on what to do next to make everything look and function better so I jumped on the computer to get some ideas. But I didn't take before shots. I really, really wish I had because with the help of your inspiration, it's a dramatic difference. I love it!!!