Smoked Pork Tenderloin: (Turn Your Grill Into A Smoker)

See those man hands in the photo below? They don't belong to me. Believe it or not, Rich is actually making something! Well, to be fair, he always does the grilling. Why is it that a man who has absolutely no interest (or clue for that matter) in doing any other sort of culinary chore insists on doing the grilling?

It's like an unspoken rule or something that men do the meat on the grill. They stand around it like a god, poking and prodding. Then when it's time to eat, they ask you a million times if it's good. And whether it is or not, they act like it's the finest food they've had in ages, mainly because they made it! No mention of the various dishes around the grilled meat on the table that you spent hours on in the kitchen....those silly, silly men. :)

I've posted in the past about the meat we do on the electric smoker that is seriously mouth-watering. This is a great way to get a similar, but not quite as smokey taste to your meat with the electric smoker. It's also much quicker doing it on the grill, hence the less-smokey result.

Smoked Pork Tenderloin-using your gas grill:
Start with a nice cut of pork tenderloin, any size. We used a small 2-1/2 lb. roast because it was just for the two of us that day. Rich seasons it quite heavily with Lawry's and Garlic salt. You could marinate it or just leave it plain as well. Set aside in the fridge.

You will need a wood chip or pellet to use for flavor. You could use apple wood, hickory, or even cedar. You can buy it at the store in the grill section, or make your own. We make our own using apple wood. It gives the meat a delicious sweet but smokey flavor. It's delicious with pork. Rich cut them into small chunks, leaving one big piece also, and soaked them in water for 30 minutes. Drain and place the small chunks on a large piece of foil:

Fold the short side of the foil up together around the wood chips and fold the edges over to seal:

Fold in the sides as well, sealing well. Poke small slits in the bag:

Next put the bag under the grate on your grill, directly over one of the burners. Put the large, soaked wood chunk next to it. If you want a really smokey flavor, add another pouch to the other burner.

Put the grate back on and shut the lid. Put the grill on high until you see smoke. This might take up to a half-hour. It will come barreling out, so don't be alarmed:

Now put your roast over the wood pouch and shut the lid.

Use it a meat thermometer to check doneness, but don't open the lid too often as it lets out all the smoke. This small roast took about an hour. We then smothered it in our favorite BBQ sauce and sliced (let it sit in foil for about 20 minutes before slicing to seal in juices).

The meat is tender, super juicy, and so full of flavor. You can smoke onions, chicken, veggies, just about anything.


Brandy said...

YUM!!!! I love grilled pork but we've never tried the smoker! Our grill actually has a drawer under the grates for the purpose of smoking! I may have to give it a try!

Paige Tyler said...

Love tenderloin and I cook it often, but never tried this technique before.

http://richiesliv.blogg.se said...


Jst drop by & say hi!

What a wonderful recipes you have. Just looking at the pix makes me weight 10 kgs more. Am struggling to lose 4 kgs... but this time, no worries! I try the smoke pork tenderloin.!


Susan said...

I think my husband and his friends would like this. It looks easy enough to do also. I just stumbled onto your blog doing a google search and I'm sure glad I did. I love it.

FlipFlop Mom said...

Hey girly..
OH HOW I LOVE PORK.. but can't eat it... ( hurts my belly BIG TIME)... that looks heavenly!!! I do have to say I'm going to try your little puddles of heaven though... Ü YUM YUM!!!!

And you can come shopping with me anytime.. I think we would have a blast!!!! Ü

Susy said...

Love your corgie we have one also: Roxie the Rock Star of Las Vegas

Millie said...

Tanya, this will be a must for a summer-time treat. Right now if I ventured outside to do this on our BBQ I would look a frozen popsicle in no time! Freezing winter weather here.

Rich deserves the Gold Star Award for the cleanest BBQ stove I've ever seen! Makes me want to run outside & scrub our 12yr. veteran immediately.
Millie ^_^

Tanya said...

Brandy-you're lucky to have the little smoking drawer. If you haven't had freshly smoked meat, give it a try because it's really good.

Hi Paige!

WElcome Chie and Susan!

Hi Flipflop! When's our shopping date?

Susy-I'm in under the corgi trance...they do that to you! I love my girl!

Millie-so funny that you say that because before I took photos of it for my blog, Rich asked if he should clean it because it's grimy, lol.

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

That looks delicious!! I never knew you could smoke something in the grill! That is so good to know....considering I was looking into buying a smoker. :)

Anonymous said...

One thing on the " chunk" of wood, make sure to de- bark it as it can have a bad acidic smoke that you do not want in the food. Also if you are smoking something for more than 20 to 30 minutes it is a good idea to have an extra pouch on hand, if you are only using chips in a foil pouch.

This also is great with salmon, Mmmm....